Corporate culture


Brand core culture is the power source of sustainable operation of enterprises. At the same time, after years of continuous innovation, internalization, infiltration and integration, Zhongzheng Renhe and Tairan brand spirit and culture building have been built. The rich connotation and unique brand gene guides the honest and pragmatic Chinese and Thai people in pursuit of excellence to a higher and further goal.


Talent is not only the most valuable wealth of China and Thailand, but also the core and source of strength of brand competition between China and Thailand. The company pursues the concept of people-oriented development and puts the development of talents into the long-term plan of enterprise development. Over the years, while giving full trust and sincere concern to employees, the company has also made efforts to create a broad development platform and a positive working environment, so as to give full play to the collective wisdom and creativity of employees and form an excellent team full of cohesion and innovation, It has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable operation of the company.


Corporate culture is the lighthouse for enterprises sailing in the commercial sea, guiding us to the right direction. It is the belief from the heart, the inspiration of cohesion, and the permanent force of enterprise development.


    Core values

    Research, industry and sincerity   


    Management idea

    Be honest and upright, walk calmly


    Corporate vision

    Become an excellent first class contractor of steel structure engineering



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